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Write2Spell2Read now closed for the Christmas School Holidays. We will reopen on Tuesday 28th January 2020. All orders will be dispatched after we reopen on 28th January 2020. Thank you for your support in 2019 and we wish you a Merry Christmas. 

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Shopping cart is empty.

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We could not display the content you requested. This is because it is held within our members only area, which can be accessed only after purchasing the Write2Spell2Read Interactive Whiteboard Program or Write2Spell2Read resources. Please log-in to access this content either:

1. Logging in to the Interactive Whiteboard Program download 

Please log in using the username and password that was emailed to you from the Write2Spell2Read team, following your purchase or annual licence renewal of the Interactive Whiteboard Program (This may take a few days following your purchase). The username and password can be found in the download instruction letter that was emailed to you.


Important:  Please note, this is a different login username and password from the Write2Spell2Read website registration log in username and password that you created to access the shopping cart. 

Each new calendar year the Interactive Whiteboard licence username and password is changed by the Write2Spell2Read team on the 1st January, and is effective until the 31st of December of that year. If you are renewing your licence, please ensure you are entering the new username and password.

2. Logging into the Training Room

You can log in to the Teacher Training Room with either,

a. the username and password that was emailed to you from the Write2Spell2Read teamfollowing your purchase or annual licence renewal of the Interactive Whiteboard Program, or

b. your Write2Spell2Read website registration / log-in username and password that you created to access the shopping cart

Please note: There are 12 videos teaching both Handwriting and Spelling.You will have access to the videos corresponding to the resources purchased i.e. “Handwriting”; “Spelling” or “Handwriting & Spelling”.


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