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Literacy skills and social mobility are linked.

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Without good literacy skills, adults have fewer opportunities for success. The Write2Spell2Read program used in adult literacy classes is an easy and effective way to catch up. It’s never too late to achieve literacy success and the design of this program gives adults the confidence and ability to achieve.

An adult’s first learning experience possibly failed because he or she didn’t see ‘the whole picture’.

What makes English so difficult is that it has many ways to spell the one sound. For example the long ‘O’ sound has 6 different spelling choices to make this sound.

  1. o (go)
  2. o__e (home)
  3. oa (boat)
  4. ow (throw)
  5. ough (though)
  6. oe (toe)

If this concept is not understood early, many students begin on the path of failure.

Write2Spell2Read makes learning simple, by showing adult students each sound in the above way. By seeing ‘the whole picture’ and learning the spelling choices for each sound, they quickly make progress.

  • It is a proven, evidence based literacy program using the latest neuroscience research to deliver measurable results
  • It has been designed by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist with a specialist knowledge of sequential learning, learning styles and learning difficulties
  • This multisensory program appeals to all learning styles using movement, touch, vision, sound, listening, speech and language, and working memory to accelerate learning
  • The program covers all levels from Beginners to an Australian Curriculum Year 7 level
  • Extensive resources make it easy for teachers and adult learners
  • This simple to use program is easy to follow, with a Teacher’s Manual and training videos showing teachers and primary school students using the program, easily modified for adult use