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Interactive Whiteboard Program - Discount Package

Interactive Whiteboard Program - Discount Package

Discount Package

The Discount Package provides an Interactive Whiteboard Program Annual Licence Fee of $60 per teacher computer if the following conditions are met.

Capped at $900 for 15 or more teacher computers.

  • In Beginners to Year 3 the Discount price is available only to teachers who also order the Student Practice Workbooks for all students in their class.
  • In Years 4 to 6 the Interactive Whiteboard Program is complemented by a Teacher’s Resource book. However the Discount price for the Interactive Whiteboard Program Annual Licence is only available to teachers of Years 4 to 6 in schools where the Student Practice Workbooks are purchased for all students in Beginners to Year 3 classes.

Write2Spell2Read Interactive Whiteboard Program

The Interactive Whiteboard Program Annual Teacher Licence provides teaching material that is downloaded on to each purchasing teacher’s classroom computer and shown on their interactive whiteboard. Each classroom or support teacher using the Write2Spell2Read Interactive Whiteboard Program must purchase one annual licence that expires on the 31st of December each year. Teachers are able to download all the year levels purchased by their school. The Interactive Whiteboard Program includes for Beginner’s, Handwriting (letters and numbers), for Year 1, Handwriting and Spelling, for Year 2, Cursive Handwriting and Spelling, and for Years 3 to 6 Spelling. Year 7 Spelling is an addition for extension students.


This whole school Interactive Whiteboard Program allows quick access and easy differentiation of spelling words to a higher or lower level for average, extension and support students, but at the same time provides consistency of teaching and learning. It also links spelling words with spelling rules where indicated. By clicking on the rule beside the spelling word, the spelling rule and word examples using the rule are instantly displayed, allowing for easy explanation by the teacher. Each year level has an Overview that tells teachers the content covered for the year, and the Scope and Sequence gives instant access to the lesson of the day. Activities Lists and Memory Grids are included to improve Working Memory. The Interactive Whiteboard Program is linked with the Student Practice Workbooks (Beginner’s to Book 3), and Student and Teacher Resource Books (Book 4 to 7).