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Achieving literacy success has never been easier than with Write2Spell2Read. Your first learning experience possibly failed because you didn’t see ‘the whole picture’.

What makes English so difficult is that it has many ways to spell the one sound.
For example the long ‘O’ sound has 6 different spelling choices to make this sound.

  1. o     (go)

  2. o_e     (home)

  3. oa     (boat)

  4. ow     (throw)

  5. ough     (though)

  6. oe     (toe)

Write2Spell2Read will make learning simple, by showing you each sound in this way. By seeing ‘the whole picture’ and learning the spelling choices for each sound, you will quickly make progress.

This simple to use program is easy to follow, with Practise Workbooks from Beginners to Book 7.

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