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What makes Write2Spell2Read different from other literacy programs is what is taught and the way the program is taught.

Based on the latest neuroscience, Write2Spell2Read connects in a triangle the three important areas of the brain for learning literacy. These are the motor (movement & touch), visual (sight), and auditory (hearing and speech) parts of the brain. Levine, 2002.

Using Write2Spell2Read, students activate these three areas simultaneously, each area reinforcing the other to give a stronger outcome. To do this the Write2Spell2Read program combines handwriting, vision and phonics all at the same time, making it a truly multisensory program. Most other programs do not combine the three, leaving handwriting to be taught in a separate class from spelling and reading. Researchers have found that handwriting is a critical building block for learning literacy, as motor actions reinforce memory and learning (Levine, 2002). Newly devised computer programs now used for teaching and learning literacy also have this failing, and by not activating the motor areas of the brain through handwriting are neglecting the motor element of learning, the most important learning tool in young children (Sherill, 1986). By comparison, Write2Spell2Read uniquely combines the three, and in so doing improves the child’s working memory, allowing him to do complex tasks. 

Write2Spell2Read unlike other programs shows not only what to teach but how to teach, with a Teacher’s Manual and video demonstrations. With the complex neuroscience research embedded into its design, Write2Spell2Read takes the hard work out of teaching literacy and presents a simple, easy program to implement. Students also find the program simple, fun and motivating to use.

There are workbooks for every year level, arranged in a unique way so that when a child learns a new sound e.g. the long ‘OO’ sound he can see that a variety of letter combinations are used in words to produce this same sound, a stumbling block for many students. There is an easy to use Interactive Whiteboard program for the classroom with spelling words linked to Spelling Rules and Guidelines where indicated. The Write2Spell2Read program covers Beginners to Year 6 level, so is easy for teachers to differentiate spelling words for students of varying abilities. There are also ideas for extra classroom activities, as well as numerous other resources. These include Classroom Posters, Wall Cards for lower primary, learning support, therapy and home, Desk Top Cards for easy student reference, and Student Assessments. Unlike other programs Write2Spell2Read is a complete program in every way and its unique multisensory design delivers superior outcomes.

Watch the Video that explains the Neuroscience