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The Great Results Guarantee Report 2014

In 2013, the Queensland Government announced an initiative known as the Great Results Guarantee. This initiative was introduced in response to studies, such as the Gonski Report, suggesting performance of Australian students has, at all levels, declined over the last ten years.

The Great Results Guarantee Report 2014 report details the neuroscience research supporting the innovative design of the Write2Spell2Read Program and the evidence proving its effectiveness as a whole school literacy program for primary students of all ability levels.The Great Results Guarantee is that each Queensland state school will either; achieve the National Minimum Standard for literacy and numeracy for their respective year level; or have an evidence-based plan, in place to address its specific learning needs.

The Write2Spell2Read program is a proven learning method, combining multi-sensory processes in a world that has technology creating shortfalls in the way children learn. It has been developed using the latest neuroscience research and therefore ensures measurable improvements in literacy outcomes. Where Write2Spell2Read has been introduced, National Minimum Standards for literacy have been met or exceeded. This creates a unique opportunity for schools to meet or exceed the Great Results Guarantee requirements. Write2Spell2Read is making a real difference to learning literacy, closing the gap and effectively improving the literacy outcomes for all students, from those with dyslexia, learning difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorder to extension students, ESL students and students from indigenous backgrounds.

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